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Open Source vs. Commercial

Open source technology is fast becoming a viable alternative for EDTech solutions. There is a general misconception about open source, since it is predominately free, it must also be a low-end poor quality product or service. Although this may be the case in some instances,  the number of high quality open source tech tools is on the rise. For example, production suites Open Office and LibreOffice are strong competitor’s of Microsoft Office. Another high quality open source program is called Inkscape. Like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is a powerful software package for producing vector graphics.

Not only are open source developers providing high quality software at an affordable price, but they also offer strong tech support, learning materials, and discussion forums.

So, the next time you hear about a free open source program, try using it  . . . before you judge a software by its “cover” price. Besides, whose never experienced a low-end poor quality “commercial” product or service?


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