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E-Readers for Dyslexics

E-Readers may provide a partial solution for dyslexia, a disorder affecting the reading ability of approximately one in twenty school aged children. Researchers at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released a study which states, “extra-large spacing between letters allowed a group of dyslexic children to read text significantly faster and with fewer than half as many errors as when they read passages with standard spacing.” Another study, performed at Tufts University, indicates not only the spacing between the letters but the size and font style of the letters affects the reading ability for those with dyslexia. Christian Boer, dyslexic and a graphic designer from the Netherlands has developed a special font called “Dyslexie“. Scientific American featured an article about Boer’s font. According to the article, “the font “dyslexie” proved to decrease the number of errors made by dyslexics while reading.”

Before digital technology dyslexic-friendly text needed special printing. But with the increase popularity of e-readers users simply adjust the device settings to achieve the desired results. For further enhancement a cover called the ReadRight Cover is available. The special cover uses color overlays which has proven to be effective for dyslexic readers on hard copy books.

Although e-readers are not a cure for dyslexia, the technology, depending on the individual, can provide a more enjoyable reading experience. Many experts agree, while digital devices can improve reading skills young students need to be reminded with or without an e-reader the more you read the more you will improve.

Other Resources for Dyslexics:
Bookshare an online library for people with special needs.
Zamzar converts files into a variety of file formats. Individuals with reading challenges can convert text, including the URL of web pages, into a mp3 audio file.


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