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3 Easy to Use Tools for Developing Lesson Plans

As a teacher, developing lesson plans can become a time consuming task. But quality online resources are available to help speed up the process. Depending on your school district, teachers are required to submit written lesson plans to administrators. The lesson plans indicate how time in the classroom is conducted. Each of these free online tools adds structure to improve student comprehension and assist teachers throughout the ongoing process for developing successful lesson plans.

1.) CorePlanner: Excellent tool for incorporating common core standards into lesson plans. Includes; goal setting and tracking, match learning objectives with core standards, progress monitoring by class and lesson, searchable core standards database, apply standards according to grade, subject and topic, easy set-up, no software installation required.

2.) Planboard: Easy to use interface specifically designed for educators. Features include; calendar sharing, schedule printing, reminders, quick edit, reuse lesson plans from previous years. No installation required. Access anytime, anywhere.

3.) PlanbookEdu: MS Word and PDF export, various day and week rotation, file attachment, mobile device support, quick edit features, collaboration and sharing capabilities, embed lessons into websites and more.

Time management is an ongoing challenge. But with the help of these online tools teachers can better manage their time. As a result, teachers will develop more effective lesson plans and students will learn more during classroom time.


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